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iXora HRM-3X | HRM-10X

Introducing the Hypotherm Rack Mount (HRM)

  • Immersive cooling cassettes
  • Fits industry standard 19"-racks
  • Facility grid connected option & Stand-alone cooling option
  • Suitable for district heating
  • 7kW power per cassette - 21kW power per chassis
  • Modulair architecture
  • Silent operation
  • Inspired by Open Compute

Individual cassettes

These strong cassettes hold up to 7kW in compute power together with their liquid. By carrying them using their convenient handles away from the datafloor, maintenance can be performed without spilling liquids where they're not wanted.

With each server in it's own housing, filled with dielectric liquid, the whole cassettes are still movable. Less influence from the outside, easy to install and very flexible. The fact that the liquid won't come out during transport also means other liquid can't get in; you can easily transport the cassettes even in heavy rain.

The front interface plate can be taylored to your needs, depending on the types and number of ports you need. LC, SC fiber connectors are available and USB-A, USB-C, RJ45, D-sub/VGA as well for copper use.

Just as easy..

Like the trays in your kitchen the cassettes slide in and out. Using heavy duty sliderails and high performace backplane connectors especially designed for these amount of power, usability comes standard.

The 10-pin backplane connector is compatible with both AC and DC power (up to 60 Ampère current per pin). You can choose to use a centralized AC-DC power distribution unit (PDU) or use interal ones per cassette and rely on the incoming AC-feed(s). We recommend a centralized unit, since this is the most efficient way to convert from AC to DC with the least possible loss of energy.

The innovative cooling system for the iXora HRM can run in silence; using immersive technology, these high performance units can be placed next to a desk without being noticed. Aside from its awesome looks of course

hrm datacenter

hrm datacenter back
hrm datacenter interface

Intuïtive interface

Manage your hardware, view statistics and secure what needs to be secure. Of course the HRM-3 can also be controlled using industry standard SNMP, SSH and the webinte For those running larger scale serverfarms, it's easy to include the HRM's into your existing Building Management System (BMS) by using the SNMP. Both read-only and read-write are available. Using the traps corresponding with the cassettes you can monitor per cassette and even turn them on/off or power cycle them.

hrm datacenter crafmanship